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Exploring how and what to build in the "new normal".

Late Checkout newsletter discusses products, consumer social, and marketplaces with a strong focus on communities. Greg Isenberg shares key insights to inspire you to “build new products or at very least build smarter ones.” Late checkout covers topics from the great unbundling and the stretch of social platforms to education 3.0 and the intersection of community and commerce. Subscribe, learn about internet communities, and get inspired to build.




Greg Isenberg is VC, Co-Founder of Late Checkout that builds and invests in the internet communities, a growth advisor at TikTok, and former Head of Product Strategy at WeWork. He has been building internet products for the last decade and now focuses on unbundling Reddit.


Late Checkout is a free, supposedly monthly newsletter. As we checked, we noticed that the newsletter is being sent very inconsistently - there can be months of silence, or 2 e-mail a month. So subscribe and wait for a surprise!

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Great read if you want to learn more about community-led businesses and the future of internet communities

Greg's newsletter is an invaluable source of information for anyone who wants to know more about community-led businesses' potential. He understands, like nobody else, how powerful online communities are and uncovers how they will help you with your next startup idea. We are evolving from "a lean startup culture" to a "community-led" business culture. Greg's newsletter is shedding light on what exactly is going on. (I particularly like his posts where he unbundles social platforms like Reddit, Udemy, and others.) Five stars because there aren't six available.

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