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A weekly newsletter on tech and consumer culture.

Brianne Kimmel’s newsletter is all things work+tech, featuring original essays and interviews with founders. The newsletter focuses on consumers, tools, and trends and tackles topics on The New American Dream and the future of work. Brianne Kimmel is very experienced with startups and carries a mission “to make work more creative, flexible & human”. Read about game-like experiences in tech, unbundling of LinkedIn, and efforts bridging the gap between the real-life and virtual world. Subscribe to a must-read and get a look inside Silicon Valley.




Named “a top angel investor that every startup should know” by Business Insider, Brianne Kimmel is also and founder of Work Life Venture, the first VC firm designed for creators and builders. Prior to investing Brianne led product and go-to-market strategy at Zendesk.


Brianne Kimmel’s Newsletter is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. From our experience - the content is being distributed very inconsistently - there were months of silence, 1 newsletter a month or 2 newsletters a week. We suggest to explore the archive and keep your fingers crossed for a surprise in your inbox.

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