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Dropping weekly tips on how to scale your startup with a bootstrapped mindset. 

Having recorded an incredible success story with Crossnet – “a four-squared volleyball game whose popularity has soared across America's beaches and backyards” – Chris Meade has decided to teach some of the essential lessons he gained throughout his journey. Every week Chris shares tips on how to grow your business and insights into what has or has not been working for him and his team -  “we’ve made so many mistakes, if I can help just one person avoid them, it’s worth it.” 

So if you’re involved in e-commerce, influencer marketing, or looking for tips to build a personal brand or tricks to get into 3,500 retail stores, Crossed Commerce is for you.


Chris Meade is a former Uber executive and Forbes ’30 under 30’ nominee who, alongside his brother and childhood friend, created a new variation of the volleyball game that has enjoyed unprecedented success across America and the world. He hopes to discuss some of the secrets to his business success through his newsletter termed Crossed Commerce.


Crossed Commerce is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. There’s plenty of content in the archives, but the dates are pretty random. Sometimes it’s every other week, sometimes two times a week. So keep an eye on your inbox, you never know when you’ll get it!

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