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I discuss different topics in the Cryptoverse. From what a blockchain is to the future of finance itself.

CryptoCurous is a newsletter built for those who want to dip their toes into the crypto and Web3 space but don't know where to start. Lucas Walters shares his thoughts on the future of finance and explains the main concepts of crypto. Learn the basics of how a blockchain works, what NFTs are, and how to use them and explore the infinite metaverse. Subscribe to start your wild and fun journey down the web 3.0 rabbit hole and help Lucas form a DAO!


Deep Dive


Lucas Walters started his journey in crypto during the Bitcoin bull run in 2020 but found his calling with a discovery of Ethereum. He was learning so much and felt the need to share it with someone, so “I rekindled my small Substack account and started writing.” The author’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for crypto-curious folks to not only learn about Web3 but experience it for themselves.


Crypto Curious is a free, weekly newsletter. Lucas hopes to build an audience big enough to form a DAO and find a sustainable way to monetize the project, but for now, you can enjoy the deep dives free of charge thanks to the support from startups in the crypto space. 

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