Letters from a Zeneca_33

Letters from a Zeneca_33

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I try to write smart things about NFTs.

Letters from a Zeneca_33 is a newsletter on all things NFTs. Zeneca spends the majority of his time navigating through the space and aims to share the bits of insights and knowledge he accrues along the way. From the success behind the Bored Ape Yach Club project and rug pull analysis to cancel culture and NFT launch dramas - you’ll get a truly broad palette of wisdom straight from a real insider. So whether you’re a beginner or a degen that wants an objective take on recent events - subscribe to follow Zeneca’s journey and get ready to thrive in the NFT space. Don’t forget - we are still early!



Roy, better known as @Zeneca_33 is an NFT influencer. He’s been a professional poker player for 15 years before taking the leap into NFT space. The idea of true digital ownership and the whole creator economy nudged him to change careers and start playing jpegs instead of cards. Zeneca_33 is also hosting a podcast “Two Bored Apes” and recently released his own NFT, which is a lifetime membership to ZenAcademy, an exclusive Discord server.


Letters from a Zeneca_33 is a free, sporadic newsletter. Sometimes it’s a weekly thing, sometimes you’ll get it only once a month. We suggest that you expect to receive one newsletter a month, and consider the additional ones as a nice surprise!

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