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Explaining the wild world of Web3 with a focus on DeFi.

Nat’s Crypto Newsletter highlights projects that could be “part of a new digital financial infrastructure.” Nat Eliason, a writer of multiple blogs and newsletters, has been enjoying writing about crypto more and more, and so he decided to create a separate newsletter on all things DeFi. Think of discussions on gaming, infrastructure, yield farming, and much more. Nat goes through the process of evaluating a project’s tokens, explains DeFi lending, so you could live tax-free off Magical Internet Money as well as shares new protocols he’s currently watching.

So if you’re interested in the big picture, want to learn more about tokenomics, and start using ‘L1’ and ‘yield farming’ casually in a conversation - subscribe to Nat’s Crypto Newsletter and cut through all the noise. 


Deep Dive


​​Nat Eliason is a writer and entrepreneur. He’s been writing about marketing, travel, technology, and business first through his personal blog and the “The Monday Medley” newsletter. Later he joined The Every writer’s collective with a new publication Almanack. Now, with the increased interest in crypto, he branched out this newsletter and helps Web3 video games build Play & Earn economies.


When choosing the free option, you will receive all the public posts, which are usually sent out weekly. And usually on Fridays.


The paid subscription of Nat’s Crypto Newsletter costs $10. The membership gives you investing strategy for every free post. You can expect to be presented with  “possible plays” and different ways you could get exposure to a protocol in question (think of staking, farming, LPing, etc). 

The second benefit is the “first looks” posts where you can get an early peek at stuff Nat’s been exploring. As soon as he hears something interesting enough to put some money in (for himself) he will let you know about the opportunity. 

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