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Good Morning NFT newsletter covers industry news, hot NFT projects, and early signals to keep readers up-to-date and ahead of the pack. Hegemony shares highlights of the most interesting/trending projects and the buzz around them. Whether it’s Digital Land or NFT gaming, the author explores new concepts through relevant projects to give you an insight into the never-ending opportunities in NFTs. You’ll also find a section for ‘What’s minting this week’, and one for curated articles worth reading aka “Snacks”. Subscribe and wagmi 🔥



Hegemony (@hegemony_inc) is a UI/UX web3 designer and also a long-time crypto enthusiast, NFT collector, and dgen investor. The author believes that the break-neck speed of the crypto industry can be confusing and exhausting, that's why we all need to help one another. And so the Good Morning NFT newsletter began, as a way to share NFT and DeFi happenings with friends and it grew from there.


Good Morning NFT is a free weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox sometime around Monday or Tuesday. Subscribers receive all insights and full access to past archives.

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