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A weekly newsletter about how people and technology intersect.

Digital Native is a weekly newsletter where the author Rex Woodbury deeply explores how culture is shaped by the technology we use. His detailed essays aim to inform readers on how we may be amid major societal changes, and the influence technology has on our culture. Every Wednesday morning, Rex sends out run-down discussing topics, like the seven deadly sins of consumer technology, Lil Nas X as Gen Z’s defining icon, and the messy internet culture that’s killing mainstream media. With Rex’s thought-provoking perspectives you can rest assured - you’re in for a high-value, productive read.

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Rex Woodbury is an investment partner at Index Ventures and author of the tech-meets-culture newsletter Digital Native. After receiving his MBA from Stanford University, Rex pursued an interest in the field of consumer technology. He started investing in early-stage consumer tech businesses and writing his newsletter, Digital Native, talking about the subject. Now his newsletter has reached 25,000+ readers, who enjoy learning about emerging trends and tech startups.


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