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Rob Henderson uses his newsletter to write about human nature, psychology, social class, TV shows, movies, political and social divisions, and more.

The eclectic nature of Rob’s newsletter means you’re certain to find something in his discussions that interests you, whether it’s politics, psychology, or just a good movie. Perhaps Rob’s most famous work is his concept of luxury beliefs, an idea Rob touches on frequently throughout his work in relation to the modern approach to social justice. Rob also shares the culture and habits of the social elite to keep you clued in on the actions of the most successful people in our society. Be sure to subscribe to Rob’s newsletter as soon as possible to expand your mind to regions you’d likely never even considered before.


Deep Dive


Aptly described as ‘self-made’ by The New York Times, Rob Henderson is the embodiment of the phrase. From bouncing around foster homes in California to a doctoral candidacy from Cambridge University, Rob knows the true meaning of working from the ground up. In his newsletter, he’s going to share the things that inspire him, as well as his thoughts and feelings on the world around him.


Choosing the free subscription, you'll receive the issues up to two times a week.  Always on Sundays, and sometimes another one in the middle of the week. 


The paid subscription to Rob Henderson Newsletter costs $9 a month. Looking into the archive it looks like every other article is placed under the paywall, so you’ll get twice as much content! You’ll also be able to post comments, making you a true part of Rob’s community.

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