Exploring Sobriety

Exploring Sobriety

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Reflections on life without alcohol

Exploring Sobriety is a blend of a journal and carefully crafted essays. The author Benya Clark shares his struggles with alcohol addiction and experiences overcoming it. He covers a wide variety of topics within recovery, ranging from helpful tips to personal anecdotes. Although the focus of this newsletter is alcoholism, Benya expects that other types of addicts will also relate to what he shares.

Join Benya in his journey by reading about how to survive and thrive without alcohol, the sacrifices you need to make to overcome addiction, and the dark reality of how alcohol slowly poisons you. Whether you want to quit, help a loved one out, or are trying to prevent a relapse, this is the right newsletter for you.




Benya Clark is an alcoholic who managed to quit his addictions, fully recover, and stay sober since 2016. His goal with this newsletter is to push himself to create great writing, and in doing so, to further help his fellow addicts through recovery.


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