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How did founders get their first 1000 customers?

Getting your first 1000 customers is an arduous task, and author Ali Abouelatta knows it. He hopes to motivate and help future innovators kick start their businesses by gathering inspiration from founders worldwide. The First 1000 newsletter will show you how the top companies we know today gathered their first customers, which turned their startup into a full-time business. Ali has covered many companies, including Notion, Twitter, and Lyft, diving deep into their history, their strategies, and the opportunities they seized to be where they are today.

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Ali Abouelatta is an engineering student at NYU Abu Dhabi and has a keen interest in Venture Capital and Startups. He started his newsletter First 1000 to share his passion for learning about startups and where they are today. Now, he’s grown to 20,000+ subscribers and works on that full-time while juggling a few side projects.


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