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Discover the best tech advice from industry experts.

The First Round Review is a weekly wrap-up that provides readers with actionable insights and tech knowledge from experienced experts. Each issue aims to explore new ideas and inspire readers to take action to scale their career or company to new heights. Every week you’ll be sent long-form articles on topics ranging from Becoming a Better Manager and Keeping your Team Motivated to Using Speed as a Competitive Advantage and Scaling Your First Startup. You can also expect unique guest posts written by CEOs, Managers, and VCs of thriving businesses sharing the knowledge they’ve gained while working on building better future technology.

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First Round Review is a media blog that reviews startups and provides “actionable insights for technology entrepreneurs.” Created in 2015 by the VC company First Round Capital, it aims to become the “Harvard Business Review of Startups” by adopting a different approach to VC and connecting the entrepreneurial community. While many blogs focused on “what” startups were doing, First Round Review explores “how” they do it.


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