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A newsletter for people who love branding, DTC trends, and mission-driven companies aiming to make the world a better place.

For The Love is a newsletter focused on successful brands, their strategies, and why consumers act the way they do. Aja Singer aims to provide valuable insights on emerging and inspiring companies to help ambitious creators start their own personal DTC brands. You’ll explore branding techniques from different businesses, and read topics from building a loyal customer base and Gen-Z marketing to standing out from the crowd. Aja doesn't shy away from calling out substandard businesses and gets you up to speed with the latest brands and products with past roundups - and how they made headlines.

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Aja Singer is a creative and brand strategist with 10+ years in the industry working on projects with mission-driven startups and founders. Her career took off after turning the e-commerce brand into a multi-million dollar company. She’s always loved following brands and creating products that generate revenue and build community. She started her newsletter, For The Love, as a place to express her ideas and thoughts.


For the Love is a bi-weekly newsletter that gives you valuable insights into brands and what makes them special usually - twice a month.

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