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 What does a movie site look like when you don't want anything from the studios but the movies?

Formely Dangerous written by Drew McWeeny is dedicated to films, the stories they tell us, and the people that make them. It is comprised of movie reviews, comparisons, opinions, and recommendations of what to watch, read and even play. There’s usually a theme in every piece he publishes alongside new releases. Drew writes long essays analyzing films, where he seamlessly compares and transitions from one to another. Usually, when a remake of a film/book/comic is released he provides an excellent comparison to the previous one(s) and illustrates the film culture of the time. Drew provides honest reviews, and well-researched information on the industry of films, without the usual Hollywood drama. As he’s been in the industry for over 25years, he’s well known and sometimes even feared (hence the newsletter name). 


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Drew McWeeny is a media journalist who in the last 25 years has helped to build an online film community. He is on the Los Angeles Film Critics Association board as a voting member and has written and directed films like Voir, Masters of Horror, and Fear Itself. After a longest time working in the industry he noticed the horrific state the media journalism is in and decided to start his own newsletter called Formerly Dangerous.


The free subscription to Formerly Dangerous won't get you much. There's very little you can view, just some public posts from a couple of years back.


Formerly Dangerous costs $7/month. You suppose to receive content two/three times a week but the newsletter is going through some changes so the posts haven’t been coming out so regularly. There are a few series that come out on different days, like #thehippocket on Mondays and James Bond Declassified that's published once a month.

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