The Friyay Fuel

The Friyay Fuel

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The short but sweet & very upbeat e-newsletter designed to fuel your friyay.

The Friyay Fuel is your weekend dose of happiness. With the goal to brighten up your day, Jenna Backus shares inspiring stories, exclusive interviews, cheerful music, and other fascinating finds. You will get a quote of the day, practical tips, and interesting facts all wrapped in a little bit of wit. The Friyay Fuel typically starts with a short original piece and follows with sections for links to See, Hear, Taste, Smell, and Feel. It wraps up with “And if you don’t know, now you know…” part for interesting facts, followed by the song/dance of the day. Subscribe for a joyful 5-minute read and join the community of people who love Fridays! 




Jenna Backus is a communications leader, marketing creative, and founder of The Friyay Fuel. The project came to life in 2016 when the author decided to combine her passion for writing, entertaining, and email marketing to produce “a much-needed gift of cheer in a world saturated with negative news”.


You can currently expect to receive the newsletter on a biweekly basis, though the frequency may vary. Either way, it will always arrive on Friday morning to fuel your weekend after a week of hard work!

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Feel-good fuel

Seeing the Friyay Fuel email in my inbox always brings me joy! I always look forward to reading the inspiring stories Jenna shares. I always learn new things, whether it's historical or trending news. There is always good music in this newsletter as well. Keep up the good work.

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