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A brief interval of relief delivered to your inbox every morning.

The Daily Respite is a newsletter that aims to brighten up your day with a quick distraction and a reminder of joy. Clara Parkes will greet you every day of the year with a "Good Morning" and some “fuel for the journey.” The newsletter is saturated with ideas, short poems and great Twitter finds and hosts a weekly Get-Together for you to “check-in with fellow respiters”. Get inspired by dog’s best leaf jumps, learn how to crochet a miniature couch for your cat, or step into a Japanese forest and listen to an online performance from an orchestra - all this and much more in The Daily Respite.




Clara Parkes is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, yarn critic, and wool advocate. She launched a website and a newsletter called Knitter’s Review in 2000 and published six books on all things fiber. In 2020 she launched The Daily Respite as an experiment in self-care to keep herself grounded - and people just love it!


By choosing the free version you are supposed to get only occasional public posts. To be more precise - you will receive the newsletter daily, just won’t have the invitation to Friday open threads with fellow ‘respiters’.


The paid subscription of The Daily Respite costs $6. The newsletter is being daily with an additional community get-together on Fridays. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content like occasional bonus videos and audio tracks and access to community gatherings.

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