Two Bossy Dames

Two Bossy Dames

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In which Margaret & Sophie boss the internet with impeccable discernment and insouciant charm.

Two Bossy Dames is a whimsical, gif-wrapped newsletter full of commentary and recommendations. Dames dig out the treasures of the internet, share their love for books, popular culture, and recently found passion for sports. Expect insights on Taylor Swift’s new album, thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery, and recommendations for the best hair products!




The newsletter is a brainchild of Margaret and Sophie, who started a Twitter experiment and turned it into a massive success. Margaret is a librarian, writer, and podcaster & Sophie calls herself a library lady and a culture witch. Together these two dames cover everything pop culture and enjoy meeting new people along the way.


It is stated that a free subscription will grant you weekly public posts - and it is, actually, true. The newsletter is being sent once a week, and as it's quite unusual for the authors to place the content under the paywall, you can enjoy the experience for free. Consider subscribing to help fund Dames’ “burgeoning Korean skin-care addictions”.


The paid subscription of Two Bossy Dames costs $7. The newsletter is published once a week - usually on Saturdays. The subscription gives you full access to the archive, but as there are only a few issues under the paywall - subscribe to support authors’ hard work.

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