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Rediscover the magic of the Internet!

The Land of Random is a newsletter that strives to bring back the old days of the internet when it was “a fun place of discovery”. David Nichols writes about all the cool things on the internet, shares random links you never knew you needed to see, and occasionally goes on a deep dive mission to provide all the relevant tools and resources on the chosen topic. You will find commentary on ghost restaurants and robot butlers, TikTok’s you can’t miss, and resources to increase your productivity. “Put a little bit of Spice into your Monday” and subscribe to The Land Of Random.




David Nichols is a data-driven social media-obsessed marketer. He is carrying the mission to bring back the old days of the internet through writing The Land of Random newsletter and hosting a podcast by the same name.


The Land of Random is a free, weekly newsletter. The author promises to send you an email every Monday at 8 AM sharp - and he definitely delivers!

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