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Get It Together is a weekly newsletter full of original essays, interviews, and commentary about music, art, and building a creative life. Written by a queer-feminist person and tailored for elder Millenials, cynical queers, and independent artists, Get It Together is first and foremost - honest. Lauren Denitzio shares their real thoughts, tells you about things that they love and asks the right questions to understand how other artists figure it all out. The variety of issues range from learning to stop worrying and thoughts on Anthony Bourdain to interviews with book authors and behind-the-stage action (Warriors fans wru?).

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Lauren Denitzio is an artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Their work looks at queer history, activism, and pop culture to highlight small moments of daily life and potential futures. When not on tour, Lauren can be found in North Hollywood with their weird terrier, watching Grey's Anatomy surrounded by houseplants.


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