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It's not too late for systemic change to minimize the extreme effects of climate change!

Green & Salty is a weekly newsletter where the author Ainsley Bonaudi shares her thoughts, frustration, and beliefs on climate change. She hopes to inform people about the global climate crisis and pushes her readers to play their part and contribute to a greener future. Every Monday, she curates various links and articles on developments in climate change. She talks on topics such as Reducing Plastic Waste, the Devastating Impact of Floods, and The Outcomes of Climate Bills in the U.S. What makes it different is Ainsley's voice. She could be cheeky, she could be sarcastic, and she's always full of passion!

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Ainsley Bonaudi is a teen writer passionate about sustainability. She started her newsletter Green & Salty after realizing that people her age didn’t know much about climate change and its negative impact on the Earth. It made her conscious of the importance of raising awareness regarding this burning issue. Through her factual writing on climate, veganism, and sustainability, she hopes to educate and inspire people to “stop more destruction from happening” on the planet. Her ultimate goals are associated with a sustainable ecosystem.


Green & Salty is a free, weekly newsletter. Expect to receive a write-up on climate change and potential mitigation strategies every week, on Mondays.

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