The Climate Crisis

The Climate Crisis

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Updates from inside the climate movement.

Bill McKibben decided to call the newsletter ‘The Climate Crisis’, because “this is what a crisis looks like”. The author was covering the topic since it was referred to as the ‘greenhouse effect’ or the ‘global warming’. With decades of experience, Bill McKibben shares his thoughts on the most important climate stories, connecting the dots and explaining how everything “fits into the larger picture”. The Climate Crisis includes original articles, expert interviews, and news roundups on everything related to climate. Subscribe to learn about the cannabis boom and why palm oil is so bad, get many suggestions for improvement, and help make a difference!




Bill McKibben is a journalist, activist, and author of The End of Nature, one of the first books about global warming. He’s been covering the topic since the nineteen-eighties as a contributing writer for The New Yorker’. Bill McKibben launched The Climate Crisis with the hope to help his readers understand what is most important, and what can be done to make a real difference.


The Climate Crisis is a free, weekly newsletter. You can expect to receive an issue once a week - usually on Wednesdays, but there are some exceptions.

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