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A weekly newsletter for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis.

Heated is dedicated to original reporting and analysis on the climate crisis. Motivated by anger Emily Atkin is here to show you how people with power are screwing the little guys. Heated arms you with actionable information and encourages you to act - it highlights corporate greed and the discrepancies between what politicians say and actually do. The newsletter explores interesting angles, showing you how everything is interconnected.
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Emily Atkin is a science writer, climate journalist who previously wrote for The New Republic. Fed up and ready to act she started her own newsletter hoping to build the army of pissed-off people to solve this climate crisis.


When choosing a free version you are supposed to receive only occasional public posts, but actually - you can expect 3 newsletters a week.


The paid subscription of Heated costs $8. You will get the newsletter daily - from Monday till Thursday. The subscription provides access to subscriber-only posts (one additional issue a week), a full archive, and the opportunity to join the discussion with the community.

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All She Can Save

I read the section in All We Can Save anthology on Emily's climate journalism career with great interest, as I had already become a supporter of her excellent HEATED newsletter. Without spoiling the plot arc for you, I applaud her decision to punch out of mainstream press and forge ahead with community-supported approaches to climate reporting. The proof she chose well is in the number of stories this year she wrote that have found significant traction -- in mainstream press -- and sometimes even created responsive action on the part of those she has featured. She's part of the leadership of a movement making it as clear as possible that (as her recent post outlined) the responsibility of climate journalists is to report the truth, period. Standards-bearer that she is, she sets a high bar and meets it with her own reporting, post after post. Also - we love her dog Fish!

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