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Fun, thought-provoking poetry, every-week

Hello Universe is a novel newsletter that attempts to provide contrast in a suffering world. Punit Thakkar writes poetry with a catchy meter and rhythm, aiming to make you feel like you've gone back to your childhood, reading poems in school with your favorite teacher. Every newsletter consists of an original poem and personal commentary on the inspiration and thoughts behind it. Subscribe and fall in love with poetry! 




Punit Thakkar is a self-described Hobby Nomad, dabbling in various hobbies like writing, painting, making music, etc. But, inevitably, he would lose interest in each new-found hobby after a couple of months. He was determined to stop this nomadic behavior, and commit to poetry writing, and thus, Hello Universe was started.


Hello Universe is a free, weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox every Tuesday.

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I write this one

Hello! I'm Punit, the guy who writes this newsletter. It is a labor of love, an outlet for my creativity, and a way for me to develop and sharpen my voice as a writer. Please do check it out and share it with your loved ones!

I love a good newsletter when I see one!

Really like the poems, I think they've got a beat to it. What I've lately been enjoying is the 'Some Fun Stuff' section at the end, keep them coming!

The power of rhythm and rhyme proved

Always looking for new poetry to enjoy and share, I found this newsletter and loved it. The poems are amazing. Some people like to criticize poems that use the rhythm and rhyme seen in those verses loved by kids so much, but it is not easy to create. Especially if you want to create thought-provoking works of art. Punit has found a way to that, and proves how powerful "catchy" words can be. I'm a fan from the first read on. And still. Always happy to see this one arrive in my inbox.

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