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#trpplffct | fresh poetry & friends

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#trpplffct | fresh poetry & friends is a newsletter full of fresh poetry and inspiration. The interesting title is short for The Tripple Effect. It refers to three forces that make poetry what it is: the poet, the poem, and the reader. Arjan Tupan believes that every one of us assigns a different meaning to the poetry we read, but by sharing this experience we spread much-needed empathy. Every Friday, the author sends out an issue with an original piece and inspiration behind it, as well as complimentary content in a form of recommended poems by other poets and related podcasts episodes.  

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Arjan Tupan is a creator of the poetic form tritriplicata (poetry that spreads empathy) and has once written & published a poem each day for a year. He also hosts a namesake podcast and describes himself as: “A teller of stories, that is me. Curious to learn new ways to see. Proud dad of two. Now, what about you? “


#trpplffct is a free, weekly newsletter. The author is planning to introduce a paywall in the future, so if you want free content - grab it while you can! 

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Highly recommended!!

Arjan is a prolific writer and has a great mood and vibe to his poetry. He's also super friendly and supportive. Super happy that I get to read his thoughts often in #trplffct

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