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The hottest Weekly brew of Gen-Z Internet Culture

Join Alice and Faye as they spill the beans on Gen Z culture. The authors hope to keep people updated on the latest developments on all things Gen Z by cutting through the noise and giving the spiciest details. Dive into the internet rabbit hole, discover what they’re reading, and explore a range of topics, including TikTok Creators in Hot Water, Canceled YouTubers, Addison Rae’s Climb to Internet Royalty, and a lot more crazy, fun, and trendy stuff. And don't forget the Bucks Fizz edition - "your go-to digest covering TikTok’s biggest emerging music trends, rising artists, and favorite hidden gems."

Subscribe to High Tea and catch up on the zoomers to stay in the loop of how they’re doing, what’s in fashion, and where they’re at. Enjoy a fantastic way to keep yourself well-informed yet entertained!




Alice Ophelia is a passionate writer and social researcher and Faye Maidment is a digital marketer for Gen Z, tapping into the depths of the metaverse. These two friends are looking for (and finding!) engaging ways to inform people about Gen Z culture through their Sunday newsletter, High Tea.


So, when you try to subscribe it states that the free subscription of High Tea will grant you a weekly Sunday post. But looking into the archive it looks like the most you can expect is occasional public posts every 3 to 6 months??? We will keep our eyes on it and update if necessary


A paid subscription to High Tea costs $30 a month. For that, in addition to "weekly" wrap-ups, you suppose to get the exclusive Bucks Fizz content filled with TikTok emerging talent. The archive shows that the reality is one Bucks Fizz a month.

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