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Get web comics from the best indie artists delivered to your inbox every day. Comics are curated by the artists. Every issue is unique to the reader.

The Funnies is a daily email newsletter that aims to put a smile on your face. Every day you’ll receive a link that will take you to hand-picked web comics created by the best indie comic artists in the world. If you like comedy or social commentary, you'll love this newsletter. It features humor ranging from dark absurdism to cringe dad puns to cute, wholesome moments. Subscribe to support the artists and get your daily dose of joy!




Hans Yadav is a huge web comic fan. He still remembers the times when he used to flip Sunday newspaper to see the comics section featuring Garfield. As Hans grew older he shifted towards digital world, discovering artists on Instagram and Twitter. He created The Funnies newsletter both as a nod to simpler time and a way for comic artists to diversify their income. Hans Yadav project supports incredibly talented artists by giving 80% of the newsletter revenue to them.


Upon subscribing you’re enrolled in a 10-day free trial to try out the newsletter. At the end of it, if you don’t want to go premium, you’ll automatically be added to the free edition of the newsletter. The free version is the same as the premium, except for the frequency - you’ll only get comics once a week, on Mondays.


The paid subscription of The Funnies costs $2. You will get comics delivered to your inbox every day and a promised immortality since 95% of the revenue is going to the entire collective of artists! 

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