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Musings from a standup comedian and startup veteran

The Rubesletter is a weekly newsletter where NYC comedian, writer, and filmmaker Matt Ruby shares his takes on different events happening around the crazy world we live in. Navigating through life in 2022 after everything we’ve been through feels like walking on a tightrope…without a balancing stick. In this newsletter, the author aims to share his perspective on things like tech, politics, society, and life and offer no BS advice to people who wish to see things from a different angle. You’ll find fun reads for everything ranging from learning how technology works, creative stand-up advice, and rants about the woke left

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Matt Ruby is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker from New York City. He has been featured on Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, and FOX. His comedy specials, Feels Like Matt Ruby and Hot Flashes climbed the top 10 charts on iTunes. Now, he’s the founder of Vooza, author of a NY Times Bestseller, and performing stand-up all over the world.


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