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Hung Up is essays, interviews, reviews, recommendations, gossip, love notes, line readings, and other cool stuff you want to share with your friends.

Hung Up is a weekly newsletter that brings you saucy gossip, intriguing essays, movie reviews, and recommendations. In this newsletter, you’ll get insights into the author’s thoughts, critiques, and takes about current events, pop culture, and celebrities. Hunter Harris is on a journey to understanding why we’re hung up on things we like, whether celebrity drama, a new Netflix special we’re all hooked on or a song that keeps replaying in your head.

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Hunter Harris has worked as a staff writer for Vulture and New York Magazine, writing pieces for magazines, websites, and TV demonstrating a true passion for reporting on pop culture, movies, and music. Now, she’s finally gone full-time working on her newsletter Hung Up to share her and others’ personal obsessions and the weird crazy world of pop culture.


Going with the free subscription to the Hung Up newsletter you will be able to enjoy occasional public posts that the Author shares about recent trends, celebrity news, or pop culture. Looking into the archive it looks like every other post is open to the public, so you should expect 2 to 3 posts a month.


If you’re looking for some extra treats, consider becoming a paid subscriber for the Hung Up newsletter for $5/mo and get access to exclusive subscriber-only posts (which results in twice as much content) and the full archive. You’ll also be able to comment and become part of the bunch sharing your views and obsessions that you’re hung upon. 

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