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A weekly survey of the best food media on the web, and why you should care about it.

In Digestion is a newsletter that covers the best food media. James Hansen curates a round-up of the most interesting stories, highlights important issues, and provides opinions from a broader perspective. In Digestion is quite complex and frequently philosophical, so get ready for thought-provoking questions and fancy words. Subscribe and start thinking deeper about the food media world.




James Hansen is a journalist and associate editor of Eater London. The author decided to launch his own newsletter after writing a column on food media in Gannet Digest. By sharing his commentary on the most important stories, James Hansen hopes to offer context and encourage dialogue.


Choosing to subscribe to a free version of In Digestion, you are guaranteed to receive one food media round-up every week. Usually on Fridays, but sometimes not.


The paid subscription of In Digestion costs £4. In addition to a weekly round-up, you will receive a weekly interview ‘with some of the most exciting people in the food media world.’ The author promises to publish on Saturdays, but we suggest keeping an eye on your inbox all weekend long.

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