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Cabinet of Chic Curiosities for Avid Traveling Lovers

Travel in the past and back with Messy Nessy. Join Vanessa on her traveling adventures and get her most eye-catching delights delivered to your inbox every week. The purpose of her fun-filled journeys is to share them with her followers and take them along with her through historical sites, bustling markets, and breathtaking gardens. Tune in to her newsletter to discover her engaging travel stories like the lost romance of the Transylvania Spa Town, a summer in Paris’ treehouse bars, and a trip to Sweden to discover where the real hobbits take the summer off.

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After dropping out of college, Vanessa Grall (also known as Nessy( started a job as a writer for a magazine in Notting Hill. After moving to Paris she began to figure out what she wanted to do and pursued blogging full-time.


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