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The newsletter that makes you smarter about Web3.

Milk Road is a daily newsletter that explains what’s happening in Web3 in plain English. There’s so much going on in the space, you’d need to forget about your day job to keep up with everything. This is where Shaan comes to the rescue! He’s been staying up all night learning all things Crypto & Web3 and condensing all the best stuff to share with you. Expect insights and bullet points of the most important news with the author’s commentary underneath. Or as Shaan puts it - “Think of this email like your smart, no-bullshit friend, whispering sweet web3 nothings into your ear every morning.” 

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Shaan Puri is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and co-host of the My First Million podcast (or as he himself puts it - “I do deep-dives on nerdy business stuff and go viral on Twitter sometimes”). Milk Road came to life as an extension of Shaan’s annual challenge to turn $1M into $10M this year through crypto investing.


Milk Road is a free, daily newsletter. You can expect an issue - well, every day!

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<3 minutes daily crypto reading

What caught my eye when I subscribed to The Milk Road was the promise Shaan Puri made - "Ben and I are creating a private email list just for sharing stuff I'm learning in Crypto and Web3". He has kept that promise so far. The content, so far, has been unique while maintaining the brief, straight-to-the-point approach that endeared me to Shaan's writing. The daily newsletter gives me major news about the crypto world over the past 24 hours (Elon bought Twitter? Bored Ape Yacht Club has a coin?) in a simple-to-understand format. Sometimes, they jump on calls with friends who are highly technical and made a lot of money from crypto and share the summary. Once in a while, they make a case for a coin ($LUNA at $50 - now, $88.61), and it's worth it. If none of that catches your fancy, there's usually a Vitalik picture at the end of each mail that captures the essence of that day's mail.

Must Subscribe Newsletter for People with no time

I have always been a big fan of Shaan Puri’s work, and wanted to learn more about blockchain, crypto, and Web3 but didn’t have the time to browse the internet everyday searching for what’s going on and what’s new. So when he announced the newsletter, I think I was one of the first 100 people to subscribe and have been reading it since. What I like the most is the tone they use to deliver their message. It makes it for an easy read when I’m just sitting somewhere I can just take less than five minutes and get all the summary of what happened yesterday in the world of web3. I highly recommend it and have been sharing it to other people too

5 minutes per day of condensed information about blockchain, crypto, web3

The Milk Road newsletter is extremely well written, funny, and packed with relevant information which keeps you in the loop about all the things that are happening in the crypto world. It doesn't feel like you are reading a newsletter but more like you are reading some messages that a friend texted you. While he was under influence :). Insightful and with a clear added value of saving your time and delivering only highly curated content.

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