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My Sweet Dumb Brain is a labour of love.

My Sweet Dumb Brian is there when you need it, just like a good friend. It is full of compassion when you are struggling and it is there to clear any social stigmas you might catch yourself in. Katie writes the essay thoughtfully, sharing her personal problems, making them more 'normal' and letting us understand that we all face struggles but we are not alone in dealing with them. In these essays, she shares useful tips, ideas, and recommendations on how to keep yourself sane. It’s not a self-proclaimed mental health newsletter but more of a safe space for sharing experiences and ways of overcoming them. That’s why there is a great sense of community as the comment section is never empty - it’s full of appreciation.

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Katie Hawkins-Gaar started My Sweet Dumb Brain after her husband passed. It was a space for her to share emotional experiences, and what she has learned to help others facing difficulties. Now the newsletter is counting its fourth year, with over 200 publications, and hundreds of paying subscribers.


A free subscription should give you an essay every Tuesday. Recently it seems to be accurate, but looking back sometimes (in random frequency) the author puts issues under the paywall.  


The paid subscripion of My Sweet Dumb Brain costs $5 a month. The membership supposes to give you a full version of the weekly newsletter with exclusive recommendations, resources, and guided exercises with the end-of-week essay. In reality, the additional issues are quite sporadic but keep your fingers crossed for one or two a month. What is worth mentioning is that you will get some fun stickers upon subscription and every month Katie will donate 5% of the revenue to a reader-recommended cause.

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