White Noise

White Noise

A weekly missive in which I write about books, behavior, and the brain. Tune in!

Tom White considers the newsletter a work of experimentation. White Noise is the author’s attempt to make sense of the content he consumes, as “putting pen to paper help elucidate the what, the why, and the how of things.” White Noise targets thoughtful, curious minds with the smooth prose and nonfictional insights that come from extensive reading, thinking, and real-life experiencing. 




Tom White is a Program Director at On Deck. Previously he worked at Google, where he focused on product and go-to-market strategy, VC/startup ecosystem development, and the publication of content devoted to expanding the aperture of access to economic opportunity. Tom pursues his passions for learning, understanding, and behavioral psychology and during the days he writes, consults, prays, and “thinks rigorously about my Telos.”


White Noise is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. As the author puts it “As often as I feel I have something worthwhile to share. I hope to post on a weekly cadence, however, as a devotee of Inbox Zero I understand the value of your time and your email real estate. I will not waste either.”

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