No Girl is an Island

No Girl is an Island

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No Girl is an Island is your semimonthly ray of sunshine + free therapy in a world that wants more compassion, kindness, and cat videos.

You won't find politics, preaching, or tips on how to synergize your workspace. Instead, you'll receive doses of art, music, articles, recipes, or videos that I found funny, useful, or simply worth sharing. Reading Lani’s letters feels like listening to a friend. These free-spirited thoughts could sometimes be very honest and personal, other times just witty and cute, but they are always very relatable.

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Lani V. Cox is a writer with a yawning ego. She enjoys America's Next Top Model makeover meltdowns and hot sauce. But seriously, she's just another human being trying to open her umbrella when it's pissing. Hovers somewhere between 'everyone gets a participation medal' and 'there can only be one winner'.


No Girl is an Island is a free, monthly newsletter. You'll receive an issue midweek -- or depending on whether or not the internet + tech gods are happy that day. Apparently, they're hungry bastards.

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Like getting notes from a best friend

Lani's newsletter is a bit of fun every time I receive it. Full of humor, little tidbits about how the author is getting through her days, and I've been introduced to so many artists and fun websites through her generous sharing of what she's into. If you're looking to receive emails that feel like getting letters in the mail from your best friend, this is the newsletter for you!

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