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Not Pretty, Not Rich

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Master the art of financial management even through cut-throat times

Not pretty, Not Rich is a high-quality finance/economy newsletter where the writer Sam Becker explores “doing things the hard way.” He offers thought-provoking perspectives and insights into the economy. The author aims to give people a refreshed outlook on their finances in the ever-changing business dynamics. Through his well-thought curations, he advises readers about market trends, upcoming financial challenges, and how to stay on top of the rising cost of living. Every week you’ll get to read topics like The High Costs of Being Single, A Look at Recession-Proof Stocks, and Monopolies at Work. The advice you will receive from Sam Becker will hold value bombs to help you stay above the inflation wave. 

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Sam Becker is a journalist and writer who writes on money, investing, and the overall economy. He started his newsletter Not Pretty, Not Rich to help people embrace the concept of “doing things the hard way.” Modern life has made society eager to cut corners and take the easy path when convenient just to face more substantial problems in the future. Sam wishes to challenge those beliefs and inspire his readers to develop sustainable solutions to economic issues rather than “band-aid fixes.”


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