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First, it was Adolos, an AI-generated blog where Liam Porr would write the title and the introduction, and let GPT-3 do the rest. It all started as a fun experiment, but reached the top spot on Hacker News and got 26 thousand visitors in two weeks. After proving that GPT-3 is good enough to quickly build an audience of human readers he decided to turn the blog into a real newsletter, where he would discuss AI in business. Nothing But Words explores ways of using cutting-edge language models to solve problems and become more efficient.
Come for the archive to see the capabilities of GPT-3, but stay for Liam Porr and his insights on how it can be used.



Liam Porr is a Computer Science student at Berkeley. He is now an author of two newsletters - a personal blog Excavations where he explores ideas in technology and life and Nothing But words on NLP, where he aims to teach others on how this new technology works.


Nothing But Words is a free, weekly newsletter. Usually delivered to your inbox on Tuesdays, the newsletter hasn’t been sent for a month. Fingers crossed Liam Porr will come back, but if not - visit the website to check out the archive!

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