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"The presidential daily brief for China hands".

Sinocism helps readers to better understand China. Bill Bishop offers a daily roundup of all the news worth reading on China and Sino-Us relations. It includes expert insights, analysis, and original commentary that puts everything into context. Crowned as the single best newsletter about China, Sinocism is valued and trusted by 85 thousand diplomats, investors, policymakers, journalists, and scholars. Expect the “essential eight” news coverage, curated links, and open discussions. Subscribe now, and get smarter about China.



Bill Bishop has more than a decade’s experience living in and working in China. He is an entrepreneur and former media executive, who started a blog in 2009 to shed some light on China. The Chinese government blocked his content, so he swiftly changed the format and started a newsletter instead.


By choosing the free version, you are guaranteed to receive only occasional public posts. To be more precise, it seems like you can expect an issue of Sinocism to be delivered two to four times a month.


The paid subscription of Sinocism costs $15. The newsletter is being sent daily - Tuesday through Friday. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content ( up to 6 newsletters a week, instead of only one or two available with the free version), a full archive, and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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