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PiggyBack value investing strategies and value stocks.
Evolve as a long-term investor with Johan Eklund’s newsletter holding state-of-the-art strategies from the top, experienced value investors. PiggyBack Letter is a weekly rundown on value investing strategies, value investors, and actionable value stock themes. In every issue, Johan focuses on a concept called “piggybacking,” which means mimicking other people’s investment strategies to see what works and what doesn’t, thus saving time and maximizing outcomes. He analyzes the strategies leveraged by pioneers such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and John Templeton. But also less well-known proven and promising value investors around the globe. Related complex economic and trading concepts are explained in easy-to-understand and more digestible ways.
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Johan Eklund is a CFA Charterholder with degrees in Economics and Finance. Known as a "value-investing nerd and contrarian by heart” Johan started writing Piggyback to educate others and provide actionable value investing ideas.


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Informative and high quality

I am impressed by the quality of the content published so far on Piggyback. It is clear to me that the author has an immense knowledge about finance and investing. I am particularly fond of the frequent use of references, which gives a high credability and enables the reader to perform further due diligence. I highly recommend this newsletter to anyone wanting to learn more about value investing and the stock market!

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