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An investigation of why we clap for people doing the least, and earnest recommendations of art, music, and writing you should applaud.

Shelby writes a satyrical newsletter about why we clap for people giving the least effort. It all started out as an Instagram account full of drawings giving out the ‘awards for good boys’ where she depicted men wanting praise for being ‘good boys’ and later it morphed into a newsletter. In Please Clap Shelby analyses our online world, modern dating life, and internet dramas illustrating everything with her famous drawings. From what it means to be a sexist woman, to the death of wife guys, her whimsy essays are always complimented with an image of Clem (Shelby’s dog that co-signs every issue).

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Shelby Lorman is a writer, cartoonist, and the creator of the ‘awards for good boys’ drawings that have turned into an illustrated book. She writes about modern dating, technological mishaps, and the weird reality we live in.


By choosing the free subscription you suppose to get the newsletter once a week on Fridays, but the archive shows a different story. It seems that the author is publishing only once a month. Good news, the monthly newsletter is being distributed for free.


The paid subscription to Please Clap costs $5/month. It supposes to give you access to "deeper dives on internet phenomena" and Hot Takes that the author doesn’t want to post in public. Since we can't check if there are any secret newsletter issues being distributed behind the paywall, we can only trust what we see in the archive and it shows only one content a month. 

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