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a dailyish link to cool shit happening in & around the media industry.

Deez Links is a media newsletter that usually takes a form of a single link with Delia Cai’s take on it. Having set a barrier of “do I want to text this link to everyone I know right now” Deez Links can range from long-form articles and smart tweets to gossip-worthy happenings and funny TikToks. In response to the pandemic, Delia Cai has loosened up the definition of a link and is trying different things, whether it is a piece on a TV show or a new job listing, it is less about industry stuff and more about just something worth your time. The newsletter also includes Deez Interviews with people in the media world and Friday Q&As. Subscribe and find out all the cool things happening in media.




Delia Cai is the growth and trends editor at BuzzFeed. She started Deez Links just out of college, working as an intern at Atlantic Media. As she spent most of her time reading news about the industry, the newsletter was a way to share trending media stories with her friends. This side project has grown to more than 6 thousand subscribers and is now considered one of the most popular media newsletters.


Deez Links is a free, daily newsletter. Subscribe to receive gossip-worthy links almost every morning (just not on Sundays).

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