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The Browser is a daily newsletter that hosts five recommended articles, a podcast, and a video. Every day Robert Cotrell goes through a thousand articles and recommends five things worthy of your attention. The Browser is focused on writing with a lasting value and prioritized on best rather than the latest. The editors always provide their own original description with an explanation of why they believe this is a good piece of writing and why it is worth reading. Subscribe so you can “always have something to read on the train and interesting things to say at dinner.”




Robert Cottrell is an editor and creator of The Browser and a former journalist who worked mainly for The Economist and The Financial Times. He found digital journalism to be exciting and took a chance by quitting and starting The Browser. The website was launched in 2009, and now, the publication is being sent to more than 57 thousand subscribers every day.


By choosing the free version you are supposed to receive only an occasional free edition of The Browser. This translates to a weekly e-mail with 5 recommended reads.


The paid subscription of The Browser costs $5. The newsletter with subscriber-only content is being sent daily. The subscription gives you the 5 best stories on the internet, daily video, and audio content, the most interesting podcast recommendations, and access to a full archive.

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