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The best writing on entertainment strategy.

In this newsletter, the Entertainment Strategy Guy gives his expert analysis of business strategies of the entertainment industry revolving around Hollywood, Film, and TV. You'll get regular updates as the author dives deep into business terminology, economic principles, and statistics that are running behind the films and shows we love. With his “Most Important Story of the Week”, Deep Dives, and Weekly Straming Reports, you'll learn everything there is to know about the entertainment business. Explore the Philosophy Behind Blockbusters, Why Netflix is So Popular, and Who’s Winning the Streaming Wars.

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The Entertainment Strategy Guy is a former business strategist and analyst. Ever since school he showed a keen interest in anything to do with business and entertainment. After working at a major streaming company he had the opportunity to analyze the business tactics and statistics behind the entertainment industry. Now he’s going solo, keeping his followers updated through his website and newsletter about the latest happenings in the entertainment business.


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