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The Generalist helps you understand how the best businesses and investors win.

Have you ever wondered why exactly it is that some businesses just seem to work while others don’t? With his weekly Deep Dives on tech companies, The Generalist will show you exactly why this is the case. Whether its fintech, crypto or cyber-security, Mario will uncover their secrets and analyse exactly what it is that makes them so successful. It’s safe to say that Mario is qualified in this field, with his prior experience as a venture capitalist making him an expert in spotting the best companies in the crowd. Be sure to sign up today, and join this community of over 55,000 other thinkers, builders and investors.


Deep Dive


Mario Gabriele, previously a venture capitalist, left his cushy career to begin The Generalist, with an aim to create the most transparent tech community on the web. Now he's writing the newsletter, growing a namesake community of curious minds, and building the FoxesNFT project.


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