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A newsletter for the terminally curious.

The Whippet is a witty, factful newsletter from a brilliant writer McKinley. Every fortnight she puts together exciting and interesting news that sparks her curiosity. Something that you’ll rarely find on mainstream media, these are hand-picked and well-researched pieces including her unsolicited advice. Some topics include NSA security posts from the 60s(that make little to no sense), The Omnivore diet is not wrong, and Medieval Warhorses Were As Large As Modern-Day Ponies. Subscribe to The Whippet to feed your curiosity cravings and fill up on fun facts to get out of the next socially awkward interaction.




McKinley is a neurodivergent writer, based in Australia. She writes fiction stories for magazines and researches questions for ABC’s Hard Quiz. McKinley is a writing coach and does Copywrite & editing in the public and private sectors. She started the newsletter to fill a gap in the mainstream media with good news and curiosity-sparking content since it’s mainly saturated around politics.


The Whippet is a free, fortnightly newsletter delivered to your inbox usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. There is a paid yearly option that offers a bonus quarterly issue, but its main purpose is to support the author and help her run the newsletter for free.

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