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Discovering new markets and ideas. is a community and a newsletter for entrepreneurs, and curious minds who want to uncover new grounds. Dru Riley spends 50+ hours researching the market. He listed to dozens of podcast episodes, sees countless videos, and read articles, so you could get “the highest signal stuff” in 5-minute reports. The first time you see the report, it might look simple, but it’s intentional. The author constrained himself to a short and recognizable format. Every issue starts with “why it matters”, highlighting the problem and solution, and continues with a list of players in the field, possible opportunities, and key takeaways. 

Subscribe for trends reports on No-Code, Token Gated Communities, Influencer Marketing, and much more. Most importantly, subscribe for things that “really matter that no one is paying attention to.”



Dru Riley, the Founder of, used to work as a software developer. He liked the work but felt too comfortable and wanted to challenge himself. After a failed app, two data as a service companies, and a semi-successful book, he founded The project grew from a single report to a “Product of The Month” on Product Hunt and a strong community of tens of thousands of curious minds.


When subscribing you are enrolled into a free membership of You’ll receive a standard report on a weekly basis, probably on Sundays. 


Trends PRO membership offers different plans starting at $20 a month. Going paid will give you 300% more insights and access to the community. Think of daily standups and weekly meetings to sharpen your thoughts and learn together with a group of like-minded people. 

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