Weekly Thing

Weekly Thing

​​Weekly Thing is an exploratory journey with a goal to share knowledge.

Each Saturday morning, you will get Jamie Thingelstad's thoughts on technology, leadership, productivity, culture, privacy, and anything else interesting. He adds commentary to the curation, combining his decades of experience leading teams and building technology. He also includes his personal writing and a photograph of the week. There is even a fortune at the end! 🥠 Subscribe to get “direct feed from Jamie’s brain.” 




Jamie Thingelstad is a passionate technologist who has led technology teams building platforms for retail, social, media, and financial services solutions. He has led teams of hundreds of people working globally to small startups launching. The goal of the newsletter is to share learnings and insights.


Weekly Thing is a free, weekly (no kidding?!) newsletter. A promise from the author - “there are no ads, your privacy will be protected and your email will never be shared.”

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