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Brain Food newsletter is an extension of a bigger project called Farnam Street. The main idea behind the company is to help you “master the best of what other people have already figured out.” Every Sunday, the team shares thought-provoking, high-signal content to help you make better decisions, and live a better life. The range of topics is wide, but you can expect material on mental models, decision making, and in general - the art of living. The issue usually starts with excerpts and links to a recent FS blog post or a podcast episode, continues with an Insight and a Tiny Thought packed with multidisciplinary wisdom, and a section to Explore Your Curiosity which hosts curated links with the “best of human thought”. 

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Shane Parrish is the founder of Farnam Street and the CEO of the private investment company Syrus Partners. He’s also hosting a podcast “The Knowledge Project” where he interviews icons like Marc Andreesen and Andrew Huberman. Farnam street grew into a media company that produces an insane amount of inspirational content. From a blog and a podcast to multiple books and educational programs - you can enjoy the content in whatever format you like.


Sunday Brain Food newsletter is free by default. You will receive an issue every week, on Sundays. Consider becoming a paying member if you wish to get some more!


The paid membership of Farnam Street costs $20 a month. It’s not a typo, the membership is for the whole project, which includes the whole package - newsletter + blog + podcast. The membership will grant you access to courses to master your productivity; early access to The Knowledge Project podcast episodes, subscriber-only content, ask me anything  (AMA) sessions, book summaries, and more.

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