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This Week's Worth

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A weekly extraction of fascinating things humans put on the Internet. For curious people in a hurry. 

This Week’s Worth provides insights, summaries, and links to the creme de la creme of the world wide web. Personal development looks like the main theme running throughout the newsletter, but you can expect loads of different stuff. The topics range from best beliefs sourced from HN to articles on historic events and from book notes and insights to “how-to” blog posts. Subscribe for content and stay for tweets and GIFs of the week!




Filipe Silva is a software engineer who likes to write and share his favorite things with the world. He likes to experiment and that's how This Week’s Worth was born - Filipe wanted to see if he could keep the habit of writing it for 25 straight weeks and have fun while doing it, and after 50 issues…. He’s still here!


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