A Newsletter From the Desk of Austin Kleon

A Newsletter From the Desk of Austin Kleon

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Weekly art, writing, and creative inspiration.

A newsletter from the desk of Austin Kleon is not your ordinary curation. Being a writer who draws, the author sparks your curiosity by visually narrating different tips and tricks. Think of a technique on how to make a map of your mind or exercises to help you feel thankful. In addition to his creative bursts, you will get a list of ‘10 things worth sharing’. You can expect links to articles on how a book is made, music recommendations, original reviews of moby dick and so much more art-related things. 

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Austin Kleon labels himself as a writer who draws. He’s the author of Steal Like an Artist and other NYT bestselling books about creativity. His newsletter reaches close to 100k subscribers, including famous writers, artists from around the world.


Going for a free subscription, you can expect an issue to hit your inbox once a week - on Fridays. 


The paid subscription of A Newsletter from the desk of Austin Kleon costs $5 a month. In addition to a free Friday email, you’ll receive a Bonus one on Tuesday. As the author describes it - “I’ll send you an illustrated essay, a tool I can’t live without, a technique I use, a favorite book from my collection, or another exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at my process.” + access to a community and a full archive. 

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