While You Were Away

While You Were Away

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I spend way too much time on Twitter, so you don't have to

Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on Twitter without seeing anything useful or interesting? Twitter maestro Blake Burge personally curates some of the best content on Twitter that helps you make the most out of your scrolling sessions. Blake focuses on providing readers with valuable content that keeps them up to date on the current happenings and helps them become more productive with their time. With Twitter curations on Life, Business, Web3, and Entertainment/Sports, you’ll find the best wisdom nuggets in your niche of interest while discovering influential and like-minded people to follow.

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Blake Burge is an active Twitter member who has written hundreds of Twitter threads on the best resources, tips, and advice to become more productive and help people unlock their potential. Blake has now racked up around 300k+ followers on Twitter and currently works on his newsletters, While You Were Away and Excel Foundations.


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